How The Sex Chocolate Engineered TikTok Virality to Drive Millions in Sales Almost Overnight

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The Sex Chocolate is an inherently viral product due to its name, the storytelling crafted around it, and its thoughtfully designed packaging and tagline.

The founder of The Sex Chocolate employed a nano and micro-influencer strategy to create hundreds of videos that garnered millions of views and generated an astonishing amount of revenue. The company exclusively used TikTok influencer marketing to generate its first millions in sales.

As the founder says, "You never know which content is going to go viral." They commissioned influencers from various niches and demographics, sent them a sample along with a one-time payment for a video, and encouraged them to create any content they believed could be great.

By doing this, they allowed influencers to experiment with content. Whenever a video went viral, they saved it and used it as an example of "what can go viral," gradually fine-tuning the content to align with what TikTok users prefer.

An example of their videos:

They scaled this strategy to produce hundreds of videos, aiming to have one out of every several go viral, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

The founder explains that while a viral video generates a lot of sales, the real goldmine is in the reply videos to top comments from the original video. These reply videos act like retargeting ads to the original audience that viewed the initial video, and the conversion rate on these retargeting videos is massive.

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