How Locket App Acquired Millions of users with TikTok Nano Influencer Marketing

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The Locket app is a unique social widget designed for smartphones, primarily featuring live photos from your closest friends or family directly on your home screen. It offers an intimate and personal way to stay connected, focusing on sharing real-life moments rather than curated social media feeds.

Consistently ranked in the top 10 on the App Store, the app has garnered millions of downloads.

Locket App employed a TikTok content strategy centered on nano-influencers, generating hundreds of similar posts across various influencer accounts.

Searching for Locket App on TikTok reveals dozens of posts, each accumulating millions of views.

The strategy involved utilizing nano and micro-influencers, to whom they paid a one-off fee, to create uniform videos, as described below.

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These accounts typically garner a few hundred to a few thousand views on average. However, by distributing content across numerous accounts, Locket ensured that at least one out of every N videos would go viral.

This approach proved effective, as the TikTok algorithm tends to reward every Nth post on smaller accounts to maintain engagement and prioritizes higher quality content, which was more readily produced on these lower-tier accounts.

An example of these videos: each one is identical, showing the influencer with a three-second close-up selfie video, featuring a "hook" text above their face to grab attention, followed by a screen recording of the app in action on their phone:

By consistently feeding the algorithm with these videos, they began gaining traction, teaching the algorithm to recognize them as quality, interactive content. Locket realized that on TikTok, quantity often trumps quality, though quality shouldn't be completely disregarded.

In addition to these one-off videos, whenever an influencer’s video gained momentum, Locket commissioned response videos to comments, effectively using them as free retargeting tools for the initial video's audience.

This strategy propelled Locket App to massive engagement levels and a consistent top 5 to 10 ranking on the App Store.

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