7 Ways to Repurpose Influencer-Generated Content (UGC)

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Navigating the Overwhelming World of Social Media: A Strategy for Brands

In the ceaseless digital environment where brands compete for attention amidst endless scrolling, how can a business remain relevant?

The Key to Effective Content Production and Distribution The challenge lies in producing high-quality content cost-effectively and ensuring ample material for various distribution channels to maintain brand awareness. Moreover, it’s crucial to guarantee that the budget allocated for content creation yields a significant return on investment.

And how is this achieved on a large scale?

The solution: Repurposing content created by influencers.

Influencers are experts in the realm of social media. However, their content for brands is often underutilized, used once and then forgotten.

Treating influencer marketing content as a one-off occurrence is a missed opportunity. When approached strategically, this content can address your content production and distribution challenges cost-effectively, unlike traditional methods.

Continue reading to explore strategic content repurposing, not merely as an add-on.

Maximizing Value: 7 Strategies for Repurposing Influencer-Generated Content

1. Sharing IGC on Brand Social Platforms

An effortless method to repurpose influencer content is through social sharing. But strategy is key.

According to a Facebook survey, users typically discover new brands on Instagram feeds, while Stories are preferred for deeper brand engagement.

This insight enables thoughtful utilization of influencer-generated content. Position content for demand generation prominently on your feed and educational content in your Stories. This aligns with audience expectations in these spaces.

Consider the content type needed for each campaign and how it will be strategically reposted.

Usage Rights: Not needed if the influencer is credited.

2. Transforming IGC into Paid Advertising

If you’re running social ads, influencer content can be a powerful creative element.

This approach amplifies organically successful content. It’s also a means to gauge campaign impact or influencer marketing ROI.

For instance, you could compare IGC performance against or alongside branded content in terms of awareness, reach, or sales. This helps identify which influencer partnerships are most effective.

Brightland, an olive oil company, found that combining micro-creator content with branded content in ads increased online sales by 25% and reduced costs per purchase by 20%.

IGC can be repurposed for paid creative in various forms, like videos, photos, or multi-photo carousels.

Beauty brand Korres, for example, repurposed a video by Emma Abrahamson for a sponsored post across multiple platforms.

Usage Rights: Required for commercial purposes.

3. Incorporating IGC on Websites and Blogs

High-quality, authentic influencer content shouldn’t be limited to a single use. It’s ideal for enhancing websites or blogs.

PuraVida, for example, used a post by Ashlee Bock to enrich their homepage.

Influencers can create studio-quality content affordably. Make the most of these images across multiple platforms.

Usage Rights: Yes.

4. Utilizing IGC as Website Reviews

Utilizing IGC as Website Reviews Transforming influencer content into reviews or testimonials on your website is like supercharging social proof.

For instance, Wistia previously used a review from marketing influencer Rand Fishkin on their pricing page, leveraging his recognition to build trust with their marketing-focused audience. Similarly, Eight Sleep, a mattress company, utilizes endorsements from prominent figures like neuroscientist Andrew Huberman to affirm their focus on sleep’s impact on health.

The endorsement of a well-known and respected individual can significantly boost a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Repurposing influencer content as reviews or testimonials is straightforward. Utilize their images, captions, or positive brand mentions to reinforce your message.

Usage Rights: Yes.

5. Transforming IGC into Case Studies

Case studies, especially for high-value products, are the pinnacle of social proof.

Influencers who use and appreciate your product can effectively communicate its value to potential customers.

Creating a case study from IGC involves more effort but is highly rewarding. Request influencers to:

  • Describe their initial problem, alternative solutions tried, and their feelings about them.
  • Explain their product usage experience and initial impressions.
  • Share the results they experienced.

This content can be in various formats—text, images, videos, audio, or illustrations—and repurposed into written case studies or video content on your website.

Usage Rights: Yes.

6. Leveraging UGC in Email Marketing

UGC can also be repurposed in email campaigns, serving as supporting visuals or social proof.

For example, an eCommerce business might:

  • Include an influencer video in a welcome sequence.
  • Add IGC to an abandoned cart email as social proof.
  • Show different influencer experiences in a site abandonment sequence.

Urban Outfitters effectively used IGC from Instagram in an email campaign to re-engage customers.

7. Utilizing IGC in Packaging and Inserts

For eCommerce, repurposing IGC in packaging and inserts can enhance the customer experience and strengthen influencer relationships.

Customers connecting with familiar influencers through these materials can create a more personal experience, potentially leading to further content creation. Additionally, showcasing influencers on packaging demonstrates the value you place on their work,

helping them grow their own brand and following. This approach fosters long-term relationships, which in turn strengthens trust with their audience and maximizes the benefits of your influencer marketing efforts.

For influencers, seeing their content featured in your product packaging not only validates their work but also promotes their personal brand. This is a key strategy in building lasting partnerships with influencers, which can be more effective and authentic than short-term collaborations.

In conclusion, there are numerous creative ways to repurpose influencer-generated content. By adopting these strategies, brands can efficiently extend the life and reach of this content, ensuring a better return on investment and a stronger presence across various marketing channels. Remember, with the right approach, influencer-generated content can be a goldmine for your marketing strategy, especially when leveraged through platforms like the Find Me Creators Database, which offers an extensive database of TikTok micro/nano influencers and UGC creators with valuable data and contact information.

Usage Rights: Definitely required.

In summary, the dynamic and versatile nature of influencer-generated content makes it an indispensable tool for brands in the digital age. By thoughtfully repurposing this content across different platforms and formats, brands can maximize their marketing impact, enhance customer engagement, and build stronger, more authentic connections with their audience. Remember, the key to success in today’s digital marketing landscape is not just creating great content, but also strategically leveraging it for maximum impact and efficiency.

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