Influencer outreach templates. Start recruiting today.

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Brands often seek our expertise when scaling their influencer outreach, particularly regarding emails, DMs, or other recruitment channels. Recruiting influencers can be challenging, and our advice during consultations may not always be retained. Thus, I’m providing three email templates, three DM templates, and three types of comments to enhance your offers’ visibility.

Feel free to adapt these templates to better suit your specific needs. Additionally, if you’re struggling to receive responses from influencers, the following five outreach strategies should address this issue.

3 Email Outreach Templates

1. Initial Contact in Brief

Join Us for a Lasting Partnership 🀝

Hello {Fname},

Came across your Instagram and felt compelled to connect.

Our service delivers flowers to loved ones within a day. We offer ongoing collaborations where influencers like you typically earn about $20,000 annually.

You’ll enjoy complete creative control, ongoing support, and partnership with a reliable, respectful brand. Learn more about us and our ambassador program here {Link to ambassador page}.

We’re excited about the possibility of partnering with you.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! πŸ’• Beatrice Head of Brand Ambassadors – The Flower Store

2. Detailed Initial Contact

You’re Among Our Top 10 Picks for Collaboration! 🌸

Hello {Fname},

I’m {Your Name}, heading partnerships at {Company Name}. Perhaps you’re familiar with our collaborations with {Influencer 1} or {Influencer 2}. We’ve enjoyed successful partnerships with them and around 30 others.

We prioritize creators who align with our values and produce exceptional content. It’s a meticulous process, but occasionally, we discover someone special.

You’re on our list of top 10 future partners, congratulations! πŸŽ‰

Here’s a little about us {Link to about page}. Our mission revolves around small yet impactful gestures of kindness. Our mainstay is sending flowers just to express love.

Your TikTok content truly captures the “WOW 😍” moment of gifting flowers.

Our Proposal (open for negotiation):

We seek long-term collaborations, not fleeting engagements. Most creators remain with us for an extended period.

We’ll start with a $200 activation bonus. Subsequently, you’ll receive 50% of profits from new customers using your code and 10% from their future purchases.

If you attract 1000 of your followers to make a purchase this year, you could earn about $19,000. Your earnings can increase based on your posting frequency, etc.


We’ll feature your content in our 20,000-subscriber monthly newsletter.

Your content will be shared on our main Facebook page (34,000 followers), with links to your profile.

We value strong relationships with our creators, offering regular events, gifts, and bonuses. We’ll be your supportive partner in this journey.

3. Concise Follow-up

Hi {Fname},

We understand you’re quite busy, but we’re finalizing our next 10 partnerships by this Friday. You’re the essential piece we’re missing, and we’d be thrilled to collaborate.

Please share your ideas for an ideal partnership. We’re open to all possibilities!

Thank you once more.

3 DM Templates for Influencer Outreach

Direct messaging (DM) is a common starting point for marketers when reaching out to creators. For effective communication, it’s vital to interact with their content, follow them, and show genuine interest.

Being recognizable in their inbox increases the likelihood of engagement. Moreover, being an active follower reduces the chances of your messages being filtered as spam by Instagram.

However, it’s crucial to limit the number of DMs sent daily. Exceeding 30-50 new messages can trigger Instagram’s spam filters, risking your account’s standing.

DM Template 1: Transition to Email

πŸ‘‹ Hey {Fname}! Appreciate you checking this out. I’m in charge of partnerships at a business that’s revolutionizing flower delivery! We’re keen on collaborating with you. Could you please review our email? It’s from {YourEmail}.

DM Template 2: Encouragement for Partnership

Hello {Fname}! We’re eager to partner with you. Our partners typically earn about $19,000 annually. You might’ve seen {FlagshipInfluencer} endorsing us frequently. Let’s make this partnership a reality. And yes, we’re all about flower delivery! 🌼

DM Template 3: Friendly and Engaging Approach

Alright {Fname}, your amazing content and stunning photography have won us over. We’re sending you a bouquet of flowers right away! Could you share your address? πŸ’– Cheers, the @flowershop team.

3 Comment Templates for Engaging Influencer Content

Commenting on an influencer’s post or story can be an effective way to catch their attention, particularly if they haven’t noticed your DMs or emails. Timely comments can position you at the top of their notification list, increasing visibility.

However, it’s important to avoid sounding automated or generic in your comments. Aim for authenticity and swiftly steer the conversation to a more private channel.

Comment Template 1: Shifting to DMs

Your content is incredible, but imagine it with an abundance of flowers. Like, a billion of them. We’re ready to send that many your way. Please check your DMs for our message. 🌸

Comment Template 2: Guiding to Email with a Personal Connection

Is this the south side of town? Reminds me of a great spot with amazing gelato nearby!

Melissa from our team has reached out to you. We’re excited about the possibility of collaborating. Could you take a moment to check your email for our message? 🌹

Comment Template 3: Direct and To-The-Point

Hello! We’ve been attempting to contact you about a partnership opportunity. Could you spare a moment to look at our email from

Your influencer outreach strategy encompasses more than just crafting messages. Applying various tactics can significantly boost your success rate by 20%, 30%, or even 70%. Ensure that you’re following up 4-5 times, utilizing a multi-channel approach, and employing our three key strategies to enhance your success in recruiting influencers.

Like any marketing effort, it’s crucial to continuously optimize your approach. Monitor what works, brainstorm ways to improve lagging metrics, and iterate quickly. Without this approach, the true potential of your outreach efforts may remain untapped.

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