How to Find Micro TikTok Influencers for Your Brand

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Engaging with influencers is a crucial strategy for brands to enhance their social presence and drive business growth. If you have already explored influencer marketing and utilized user-generated content to bolster your social media, it’s time to consider the potential of TikTok in your marketing mix.

TikTok’s influence is undeniable, boasting over a billion active users monthly. Numerous smaller brands have experienced significant growth primarily due to their TikTok strategies. For newcomers, the platform might seem daunting, but the best approach is to collaborate with niche influencers.

We’ll delve into how to identify micro-influencers on TikTok and the advantages they bring.


To select the ideal creators, immerse yourself in your audience’s perspective. Evaluate what kind of content they resonate with. Is a local Creator more suitable, or someone who has already expressed affinity towards your brand? Decide whether you seek creators who specialize in visually appealing or informative content. This process involves aligning your brand’s identity and audience demographics to establish clear objectives for selecting creators.


Don’t rely solely on follower count when choosing a Creator. Consider the following aspects:

The nature and frequency of their video content.
Alignment with your brand’s core values.
Their engagement rate on TikTok.
Responsiveness to comments and interaction with the TikTok community.
Previous collaborations, especially with brands in your sector.


If you’ve seen success with influencers on platforms like Instagram, verify if they are also active and effective on TikTok. Extending existing relationships to new platforms can streamline your influencer strategy and ensure consistency.


Leverage TikTok’s Discover feature to explore hashtags relevant to your brand. Even in niche markets, there’s likely to be at least one Creator producing related content. Identify influencers who regularly use hashtags connected to your brand, indicating they are already engaging your target audience.


Compile a list of competitors and scrutinize their TikTok strategies. Investigate the creators they collaborate with and the hashtags they utilize. TikTok’s immersive environment is an asset in conducting this kind of competitive analysis. Also, explore the #ad tag to uncover influencers already involved in sponsored campaigns that align with your brand.


Platforms like the Find Me Creators Database cater to brand partnerships with TikTok creators. These agencies provide a bridge between brands and influencers, allowing for tailored partnerships. Brands can present their requirements, attracting creators interested in representing them.


On TikTok, engagement metrics are a more significant indicator of influence than mere follower counts. Focus on creators who can genuinely engage and influence their audience. Remember, it’s more effective to have a creator with a dedicated, engaged following than one with a vast but passive audience.

Extended Guide to Calculating a Creator’s Engagement Rate

When assessing a TikTok creator’s effectiveness, their engagement rate is a key metric. This can be calculated using the formula:

[(Number of likes + number of comments + number of shares) / number of views] X 100%

However, it’s not just about the raw numbers. Evaluate the nature of the engagement:

Are the comments positive, negative, or neutral?
Is the Creator engaging back with their audience?
What is the share-to-like ratio?
Consider the context of their engagement. For instance, a Creator with a lower engagement rate but highly relevant and positive interactions might be more valuable than one with higher engagement but less relevance to your brand.

By extending your focus beyond just quantitative metrics to qualitative analysis, you can better understand the true influence and suitability of a TikTok Creator for your brand’s specific needs and goals.

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